• Vânia Penha-Lopes

A. PHILIP RANDOLPH (1889-1979)

I'm in awe of pioneers.

I have just shown "A. Philip Randolph: For Jobs and Freedom," a wonderful documentary about the great social activist and labor leader. My course is about social change in the 1960s. I told my class there wouldn't have been a Martin Luther King, Jr. if there hadn't been an A . Philip Randolph. That is important to point out because, at an age when knowledge is more and more reduced, there seems to be room only for "I have a dream" and "by any means necessary." If even Medgar Evers, who was King's and Malcolm's contemporary, is hardly ever mentioned, imagine Randolph, who was in his 70s when he brilliantly articulated the March on Washington, over 20 years after he had threatened FDR with one.

A. Philip Randolph represents me.

Originally published on Facebook on February 21, 2017.

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