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I have just come across "George Floyd's America." The subtitle reads "Born with two Strikes: How Systemic Racism Shaped Floyd's Life and Hobbled his Ambition," a poignantly written, painstaking biography of George Floyd, by Toluse Olorunnipa and Griff Witte of the Washington Post. The two journalists comprehensively connected Floyd's life and death to the long-term, empty promises of full racial integration in the United States. To boot, they cite sociologist Melvin Oliver, co-author (with Thomas Shapiro) of Black Wealth/White Wealth (1995) which is high up there with the very best books ever written about the legacy of economic disparity that was slavery and why it persists to this day.

I believe in showing evidence, so I include here the link for the Post article. Don't take my word for it; read it, knowing it is going to be painful. However, any pain you feel won't come even near the pain Floyd's ancestors experienced and the one he lived up until his murder.

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